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Still alive, struggling my way back to productivity, not much to say otherwise. Have some cat pictures instead.

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Went out yesterday to see an old friend who is back in town, along with [personal profile] actuallyclintbarton, [profile] thebonesofferalletters, and [personal profile] balsamandash. Lots of fun, and weirdly like being 16 again, but totally exhausting - I came home, meant to take a nap for two or three hours maximum, and ended up sleeping forever. (I woke up for a couple hours around 4 AM, and went back to bed before 7, because nope. My body was not ready for consciousness.)

So, since I didn't get to write much yesterday, I holed up in my office today to try to make up for it. I may have spent some time lying on the floor whining about how writing is hard while Toby sat on my chest and purred, but I'm at over 800 words for the day, so it turned out well. Actually having an office again, even if it's not perfect yet, is definitely helping.

I am even ahead of schedule for [community profile] getyourwordsout! Not a huge amount, but by a comfortable margin.

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Been listening to my playlists for Kilgate things while writing, and I am remembering again why I love this series. I need to figure out what I'm doing for those first two books so I can outline and actually start writing again. I am ready to go home to Kilgate now.
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Books are unpacked from their boxes and in my bookshelves! I still have two and a half boxes of books to go through and decide if they're staying or going, but at least those will fit in the closet while I figure it out.

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Also, the vet gave the OK to let Ariel out of the closet and around the other animals again. He's a little freaked out about all the space he now has, the other cats are a little freaked about him, but every one of them is a big baby pushover, so I do not foresee more trouble than a few hisses while they get used to each other again.

There are people supposed to come over and set up my new desk soon (really for real this time, I hope), and once they're gone I can settle down and try to write. I am in the middle of an action sequence in FSMG, one of the first scenes I imagined when I started putting the story together, and it is hard but fun. Today is not bad so far.
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Woke up and immediately lost my phone. Way to go, self.

I am bored and cranky at my brain. It refuses to work in the heat, and past a certain point in the morning, literally everywhere in this house is hot and awful - there's only one place that's even remotely liveable for most of the day, and it is right out in public where I would prefer not to be. October keeps following me around like she is actually my daemon, which is cute and really sweet, but she refuses to accept that it is too damn hot for cuddles. I want a house that is not miserable all the time and a room that is my own and a shower that works. Soon, please.

Slowly working on my Ever After Wood verse, as the heat will allow. I need to reread my main source material (four children's books, so not a huge deal) and pick through obscure fairytales for other characters. All of this is a lot easier than writing, but also harder to convince my jerk brain that it is actual work.

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Sports Night is on TV now, so I am going to watch that and read old RP threads and sulk until the world is cool enough for me to exist in it.
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Uggggggh. So we're moving somewhat abruptly, because it's that or get evicted (do not ask me to tell the story right now), and I am pretty sure I am going to collapse or explode or something. I am tired and in pain and way too stressed and I do not want to be doing this. I want to be done. We have too much stuff and not enough room and not enough time.

Aaaand on top of everything else, there's this whole clusterfuck with the animals. We're moving in with Mal (which is great), but we're going to have to stay at their family's house until we can get a place of our own, and their mother is insisting we only take one animal.

We have four.

Ace is going to stay with Jaqui in Dallas, so that's okay. She'll have to stay outside, and it's going to be a pain to go back and get her when we have a place to put her, but she knows Jaqui and as long as she does not turn out to be some kind of crazy escape artist, all should work out on that front.

Olive is coming with us, because she is small and neurotic and does not do well with separation. It's going to be bad enough separating her from her sister, and I would not inflict this dog on someone who is not well-acquainted with her crazy.

We had a place for the cats until fucking yesterday, when the guy who'd been saying for weeks that he could take them backed out with no reason given. It was great of him to wait this long so we have literally no time to make other arrangements. Really. Thank you so much for that, dude.

So... I really don't fucking know. We're probably going to end up taking them to Mal's place anyway. I cannot give them up - we got them on my birthday, almost exactly a month after Simba died, and October is my daemon and possibly Simba's reincarnation, because sometimes she's so much like him it's spooky, and I will not let go of her.

I guess if worst comes to worst, plan B is, once again, living in the back of the car with the dog. In Florida. In the summer. Yaaaay.