we are not lost

Aubrey; also Birdie.
Fantasy writer. Polyamorous and really gay. Mentally ill and disabled.
Local queen of cait sidhe. Powered by caffeine, anxiety, and spite.

mortalcity: Barbara Gordon, typing on a laptop with the Oracle logo. (DC | we rise once more)
[personal profile] mortalcity
Still alive, struggling my way back to productivity, not much to say otherwise. Have some cat pictures instead.

He literally walked up, climbed on top of her, and fell asleep with his nose buried in her tail.

And then she woke up a little and stretched and they got cuter.

For those of you who don't know them, the tabby and white is Quentin. The tortoiseshell is October Daye, best of cats. And no, they are really not easy to photograph in the same picture without Toby turning into an indistinct blob of darkness. I didn't try that hard here.

Their current positions, right behind my desk.
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