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Aubrey; also Birdie.
Fantasy writer. Polyamorous and really gay. Mentally ill and disabled.
Local queen of cait sidhe. Powered by caffeine, anxiety, and spite.

mortalcity: A painted rock. It has a face with its tongue sticking out. It knows things. (OtGW | that's a rock fact)
[personal profile] mortalcity
I installed an extension that changes pictures of Trump and almost anything related to him to kitten pictures. Which has immediately made my internet life 1000% better. But also… somewhat more confusing.

Long string of adorable kitten pictures, followed by “in other news, Trump also stole Obama’s cake”. Th- Thaaaaanks? Literally not sure if this is real or a Lex Luthor joke.

(I checked. It’s real. And that's terrible.)
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